My background includes a degree in history of arts and archeology, which i did in Lyon, France. I was schooled by one of the best university systems in Europe and in the heart of the modern world. I have also a gemmological education with the Mineralogy and Gemmology University of Sofia, Bulgaria and AJP and GCS certifications from the best, world-known Gemmological Institute of America.

I have over 10 years of goldsmithing experience with thousands of designed and completed projects. Most of my works are a “one of one” unique jewels or limited edition runs. They come with certificates of authenticity for the hand work and for the gemstones.

My shop is a one-man operation : I do everything from start to finish. Melting, alloying and fabrication of gold and silver, stone setting, carving, engraving, designing, photographing…
I am a traditional goldsmith and I prefer to work the old-fashioned way – by hand instead of what modern factories do – with mills, casters and automated lines. The jewels I make bring me joy and satisfaction, the hours and days I spend making them are filled with passion, excitement and my 100% commitment. Be sure that whatever I do, it is made with care and love.